Cecil George Harwood (1894 – 1983): Biographical Entry

1:309 HARWOOD, Cecil George, ‘Down Memory Lane’, TS, pp.104 (c.65,000 words). Brunel University Library.

Born 9 Oct 1894. Father a gardener. Family of 9. Attended school between ages of 3 and 12. Married, 1925, with 2 sons. Lived in Welwyn; Stanmore (1919); Chorleywood; Ware; Hull; Wigmore (1926-40); Box, Wilts. (1940-3); Southdown (1943-51); Charmouth (1951-7); Bath (1957-).

Began work as errand-boy to a chemist (1906-9); then employed as a garden- boy (1909-14); enlisted, 1914; on discharge from army he was engaged in various temporary employments including pig-breeder, gardener, factory worker, groundsman and painter of beehives; then employed by passenger transport companies, first as a bus conductor, then timekeeper and inspector (to 1926); nurseryman (c.1926-40); chauffeur; gardener (1940-3); maintenance man and groundsman at maternity home (from 1943); shopkeeper (1951-7); gardener (1957-).

Active in village social life; member of Special Constabulary (from 1938).

Written in 1977, the author provides a full and often amusing account of his life. Much detail is provided of personal and family matters, with useful descriptions of his many employments. Other themes covered include schooling; dress; diet; itinerant trading; childhood games; life in the Forces (training and the ‘lighter side’ of War); the early days of bus transport; the General Strike.

Available From:

Harwood, Cecil. ‘Down Memory Lane.’ Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies. University of Brunel Library. Special Collections. 1:309. http://bura.brunel.ac.uk/handle/2438/10964


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