Dorothy Squires (1897-1992): Biographical Entry

2:735 SQUIRES, Dorothy, Untitled, MS, pp.142 (c.18,000 words). Brunel University Library.

Born 13 April 1897 at Waltham Cross. 4th child of 7 of a chargehand in a rifle factory. Educated at Holy Trinity Day School and Sunday School. Final year at school interrupted when she suffered from St. Vitus Dance. Married, 1918, with 2 daughters. Lived in Enfield after marriage. Moved to Goring in 1965, where she was still living in 1984.

Helped in an uncle’s eel and pie shop (1911); housekeeper, nurse and housemaid; tram conductress and munitions worker during World War I; part-time for an electrical company; machinist in a rifle factory and for a fire extinguisher firm; cleaner (1955-1960).

Member of Band of Hope; committee member of the Co-operative Guild.

A personal narrative that concentrates on family matters and married life but also contains remarks on schooling, domestic service, World War II, air raids, and holidays. Casual mention is made of her relationship with her husband and her willingness to abide by his decisions. The latter part of the text takes the form of a diary.

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