Marion Owen: Biographical Entry

Marion Owen “I follow my nose: a potted autobiography” TS. 48pp.

Born shortly before World War I, lived in Brixton, London. Before the war her father worked in the antique furniture trade; then he was in the army.

Memories linked by smells, ie. cut grass, perfume, paint.

Description of Brixton in c. 1914, then a very respectable residential area with large houses and gardens. Streets were noisy with street cries. Description of family home and garden.

Neighbours. Relations. Christmas. Dosing with castor oil.

School – dame school – elementary school – then secondary school, which was divided to preparatory school and “big school.”

Visit to British Empire Exhibition in Wembley in 1920s. Visit to family members. Seaside holidays ie. to Sandwich.

Narrator began work painting designs onto lampshades. Went to evening classes at Art School. Became commercial artist.

Moved to west Kensington. Social life – visits to theatres. Clothes.

Account ends with death of narrator’s father.

Main Themes. Born before World War I, grew up in Brixton, London. Memories of childhood and schools. Became a commercial artist.

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