Ruth Cox (1890): Biographical Entry

1:184 COX, Ruth, ‘White Knob Row’, TS, pp.11 (c.4,000 words). Brunel University Library.

Born 20 Aug 1890 in terraced house in Hyde, Cheshire. 7th child of 9 of an engineer. Attended day school (1893-99); Hyde Wesleyan School (1899-1903). Married, 1913, with 3 children. Family moved to 9-roomed house in Hyde in 1899, where the author remained.

Started work at age 13 in weaving shed at Slack Mills, Hyde, and still working there post-1918.

Joined Women’s Voluntary Service in 1940.

A short narrative written in the author’s 88th year with details of her family and brief observations on childhood leisure, domestic organisation, Jubilee celebrations and courtship.

Autobiography Available From:

Cox, Ruth, ‘White Knob Row’,1:184 TS, pp.11 (c.4,000 words). Brunel University Library.

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