Louie Emmeline Ould (c.1907-1991):Education and Schooling

Grammer school

                                  Truro County School for girls Louie attended aged 11 (1918)

           The first school that Louie Emmeline Ould ,formerly Collins, attended was opposite the chapel where she was baptised. There is not much information regarding her time here only that ‘A marble angel’ (Ould 2) was one of her ‘early memories.’ (Ould 2)

   At age 11 she then attended Truro County Grammer School for girls (as seen in the photo above) and in her memoir touches on incidents of misbehaviour ‘Miss T went beserk and I was sent to the Headmaster.’ (Ould 3) Other than that there is not a great deal of information regarding her time as a student  at either of her schools. We do however know of her qualifications thanks to her exam certificate which is part of her autobiogrpahy. (please see below) She achieved a pass in the following courses: Religious Knowledge, English, History, Geography, Latin, French, Arithmatic, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Drawing, Music, Needlework and Hygeine.

         As Louie got older (age 18) she completed a ‘Pitman’s Shorthand test’ at seventy words a minute. There is also a certificate for this. The feeling I get from reading Louie’s memoir is that she does not really express her emotions and feelings through her words instead she uses things such as cerificates to demonstrate her skills and achievements.

         I think that her education was significant in the fact when she is older, after the loss of her Husband Jack, she talks about her hobbies and taking up Crochet. ‘For the last five years I have been hooked on crochet. I have lost count of the numbers of berets, shoulder bags and cushions I have made.’ (Ould 7) I think it is thanks to her education and learning skills such as needle work at Truro County College that have enabled her hobbies to grow. At the same time I also think that it is the death of her Husband that has spurred her on to these hobbies. She makes a comment later on in her memoir when talking about crochet and jewellery making after the death of Jack ‘So I mark time just existing.’ (Ould 9) This is a poignant part of the memoir for me as discussed in an earlier blogI feel her memoir was started after the death of her Husband which dramatically changed her life and she felt the need to do these hobbies, not necessarily as she enjoys them, but just to pass the days away while she alone.

   I do not think it is possible to say for definite that her identity was shaped by education and schooling as there is not enough information. I would however, lean more towards the decision that it did not shape her identity due to the fact not much is written regarding that time of her life about school it focuses more on her parents and her Father being a farmer. As I think the memoir was written around 1972 and titled ‘Then and Now’ (Ould 17)  it could also be suggested that much of her school life is omitted as she doesn’t remember things. Only memories such as her first are mentioned in the memoir.

  Street map of Truro showing Louie’s school (please zoom right in to see pinpoint of Louie’s school) from www.streetmap.co.uk

Exam certificate aged 16                          Shorthand certifcate aged 18

Certificate of examination results                                           Certificate for short hand writing

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