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Through my blog, I have contributed to public history by making May Rainer’s (a working class woman) story available to everybody in an easy and accessible way. Writing about the memoir under different themes has made me really analyse her writing and taught me so much about  the early 20th century. I have had people on Twitter sending me messages asking if they could share my blog on their Facebook group because it helped show them what life was like for women during the war. It has been fun to learn from other people.

May Rainer b. 1909I have enjoyed posting my blogs on twitter and seeing them being retweeted by my classmates. I’ve enjoyed being able to read my classmates’ work and to see what working class life was like for other people, not just May Rainer. We often read about what life was like for working class people in texts books, but nothing can be as vivid as real life experiences. I even managed to get in contact with May’s family and found her picture online! This was a highlight for me because I’d read all about her life without even knowing what she looked like. I am also very glad that I chose May’s memoir, as she was such an interesting character.

Writing different blogs every week has definitely improved my writing, as I am continuously writing. As I was not writing essays, I felt less restricted with what I was writing. There was no set question, which let me decide exactly what I wanted to say. I found researching for this module very difficult, because there was so much I could write about May Rainer. It was very easy to just write the whole blog about her. However, the module did teach me how to research better online and which websites I should be looking at. I found this particularly useful when I was trying to find pictures to accommodate in my blogs.

I would definitely recommend taking a blogging module to any student, as it is different from writing an assignment at the end of the module. As you write as you go, you are taking in a lot more detail and learning much more. I have been constantly writing through this module and I feel much more comfortable in my writing. I also liked sharing my work with my fellow classmates and seeing what they were writing. It was fun to proof-read each other’s work and suggests ways on how to improve our work. This meant we were learning from each other and we could always improve our work, without having a final grade straight away. I feel like we have been left to our own devices and we were in charge of what we were doing, instead of being given a certain question and all writing about the same thing. I definitely felt like I have contributed something to the Writing Lives website and have done something worthwhile.

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