George Rowles. Reading and Writing

Reading and writing played an important role throughout George Rowles life. George was an avid reader and when he was a child he would often read to his illiterate mother.

A young teenage George Rowles was no different to any other Victorian teenager, he loved to read comics such as; The Half Penny Marvel, Pluck, Boys’ Friend, Boys Own and Chums.

Pluck Comic
The half penny Marvel 1893

In 1948 George was commissioned by Robert Willis (trade unionist) to write a 50,000 word journal (p58) to celebrate a hundred years of the London Society of Compositors (1848 – 1948) the centenary souvenir was entitled: The “Line” is On.

by George E. Rowles
The Line is on

The ‘Line’ is on is a fascinating short read which celebrates the work of the compositor, it is detailed with wage summaries, changing environments and the growth of the industry.

Through working in the printing trade George collaborated with various newspapers and magazines such as; The Bioscope, Kinematograh weekly or Kine Weekly (a trade newspaper catering to the British Film Industry 1889-1971), The Times, The Sunday Times, The Mercury, The Uxbridge Gazette, The Romford Times,  The Harrow Observer, Sporting Life and arguably one of the oldest newspapers in the world, The Stamford Mercury.  George also produced work from; British Printer, Middlesex County Press and the Central News Press.

George Rowles was the Author of several publications such as;

The Line is On, The London Society of Compositors. 1944

The Technique of the Church Magazine, Samel Bagster.

Public Relations for the Parish, S.P.C.K.

Diamond Jubilee: An account of the first sixty years of the suffragan Bishopric of Stepney. Diocese of London

The History of the Church of John the Baptist, Greenhill, Harlow.

Plus numerous short stories and a detective series which remains nameless.



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Rowles, George E. The Line is on, The London Society of Compositors, 1945



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