Louie Emmeline Ould (C.1907-1991): Reading and writing

            Through my authors memoir there are not many direct references to reading or writing other than her school certificates that show her qualifications some of these include: english, history, geography and french suggesting that Louie was competent at reading and writing in her school life. Although there are not any direct references to authors she was interested in there are however, several poems that Louie has written herself. They focus mainly on her home town of Truro and Cornish traditions such as Cornish Pasties.There is also the beautifully moving poem ‘Loneliness- By a widow’ that was written after the death of Louie’s husband Thomas.


           Other than that there are not really significant times when she talks about how reading and writing has influenced her. She has obviously had a love for poetry throughout her life as there are several poems dating back to when she was as young as 14. I think she would describe reading and writing as a socialable activity as it has been present throughout her whole life and is something she does for herself.

         As mentioned in earlier blogs I feel that Louie’s writing started after the death of her Husband Thomas. I feel as though this was her inspiration to write the memoir rather than any other past reading of other authors as there are never any other authors mentioned to suggest she was influenced by them.

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