Ruth Cox (1890): Researching Writing Lives

Hi all!

I have now completed my research on Ruth Cox and thus have completed my Writing Lives Journey!

I have thoroughly enjoyed partaking in this particular module and loved doing something completely different to what I am used to. I feel like I have made an impact on the life of Ruth Cox, and through getting her work out to the public, in particular to local history sites. Tom from decided to publish my research and findings on Ruth and it fills me with pleasure to know that other people with a keen interest in Hyde will be able to read Ruth’s autobiography and know what it would be like to live in Hyde at that time.

Ruth was part of a generation of working-class writers who chose to write memoirs or letters chronicling their life in order to serve as evidence for people in the future to see what life was like back then. I think it’s only right that these works continue to be uncovered and publicised for the world to see. The warmth and compassion in Ruth’s writing really came across and it seems she had a real talent for describing her life in a very readable way. It was an honour to adopt Ruth as my author and research her writing.

I have learned how to research effectively and write a blog, previous t this module I had absolutely no blog writing experience, however now I feel like I understand how to write a blog and what it takes to communicate effectively with a readership, via a blog. I have developed a taste for blogs due to Writing Lives and don’t doubt that this will be the last time I write a blog. The skillset I have learned due to Writing Lives will stay with me for life and if in the future I decide to write another blog, the skillset I have learned will be invaluable.

The use of social media on this module has also taught me a lot about how to effectively communicate and spread my work out further. I do not have a personal twitter handle or have ever used Facebook, so it’s safe to say social media was never my strong point, however due to writing lives I have been able to adopt twitter as a tool for which I can spread the message of Ruth Cox to people far and wide. The likes and retweets I gained from followers of mine, especially those with thousands of followers helped to spread Ruth’s autobiography further than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you for reading my blog and thanks to Helen and everyone involved in Writing Lives for letting me explore the life of Ruth Cox.

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