Edna Bold (1904 – 1987): Biographical Entry

Beswick Street, Manchester, 1900’s.

Born 1904 in the Beswick district of Manchester. Father a baker and confectioner. Mother formerly a weaver. Parents triumphed over business crisis though at the cost of their health. For some years the family was cared for by a stern aunt. One of twins. 3 brothers (one of whom died in infancy), 2 sisters. Educated at state school; secondary school; Church of England Teacher Training College; Sunday School; Art School (part-time). Married, with no children. Living in Cranley, Surrey, in 1984.


Had a love of the English countryside; qualified for the Imperial Society of Teacher’s Certificate of Dancing; attended Courses in Transcendental Meditation.

Written in 1978, the author provides full details of her childhood and schooling though writes only briefly of her life after qualifying as a teacher. Topics mentioned include the bakehouse; street games; domestic rituals; family details and ancestry; dress; sex education; street entertainers; friendships; the Ancoats Brotherhood; profile of L.S. Lowry; popular music and youth culture in the 1960s.

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