Leslie John Robinson (b.1929): Life timeline

Liverpool Waterfront

1929 – Born February 4th at 10 Maple Street (Home of his maternal grandmother)

1932 – Move to 1 Clifton Road, first of many moves

1933 – First mention of attending Sunday school

1934 – Aged five begins ‘formal education’ at the Woodlands School

1934 – Moves house again, to a council house in Rock Ferry. Transfers to Well Lane Board School

1936 – Again changes residence, this time to Tranmere to save money as a result of his father’s continued health issues.

1937 – First short lived job as a delivery boy for a local shop

1938 – With the the threat of war looming, moves with his family to a flat above a butcher shop which provides them the use of a bomb shelter.

1939 – Joins the local ‘gang’ of boys, whose aims included ‘The defeat of Adolf Hitler’. Spend much of their time hunting out German spies.

1939 – Formal education comes to a halt as school is closed by the war and threat of air raids.

1941 – Back in school and again moves house

1942 – Joins Navy Sea Cadet Corps, begins long relationship with the organisation

1943 – Leaves school and holds a variety of short term jobs

1943 – Begins attending night school in pursuit of employment as a chemist, short lived.

1945 – Meets his future wife, Hazel, for the first time

1947 – Joins the Territorial Army, beginning a career in the armed forces

1951 – Returns to the UK to mother suffering with MS

1951 – Marries his wife, Hazel

1953 – Leaves military service, begins life as civilian

1953 – Begins police force training

1956 – Sworn in as PC on 6th of April

1958 – Wife Hazel gives birth to their first child on 8th December

1959 – Ends 12 year Army engagement, after six years on reserve

1967 – Leaves the police force, leaves home on Merseyside and moves to the north east

1974 – Leaves Sea Cadet Corps after 18 years of involvement

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