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This week I was eager to begin reading Margaret’s memoir. Despite being just forty pages long, it is fascinatingly rich in detail and so this took longer than I initially thought it would. I wanted to develop a strong understanding of who Margaret is as a person, and so I have highlighted numerous passages that I think will help me to establish this in my introductory post. What I like about Margaret’s memoir, is that although she endured a lot of sadness during her life – for example, the loss of her mother when she was just five years old – Margaret does not dwell on her hardships. Instead, she celebrates life and is thankful for everything she feels she has been blessed with. Her neighbours and the working class community are praised throughout her memoir as playing a big part in her life, so this is something I will discuss in my initial post.

Also, when reading through Margaret’s memoir, I have highlighted the different themes that I will be discussing in various posts throughout the module. Using the Lecture Timetable on Blackboard, which states the various topics we will be required to write about, I have underlined the passages in Margaret’s memoir that refer to each of these themes. I thought this would be the most practical use of my time, as if the quotes that I require to reference in my blog posts are already clearly marked out, it would save me having to pour over the pages again at a later date. It also proved to be quite useful in that it forced me to pay close attention to detail when reading through Margaret’s work.



I have now set up the Twitter account that I will be using to share and advertise my work, as well as the work of others on the module. As I was not on Twitter prior to Writing Lives, it may take me some time to get to grips with tweeting. However, I have already began following the accounts of numerous people in the class so hopefully, through watching them, I will be able to pick it up easily.



After receiving my feedback about my introductory post, this week I have been working on making the necessary changes so that I can publish my work on the website later this week. The main improvement Helen felt I could make is to highlight the core themes of Margaret’s autobiography at the start of my post. I’ve therefore been working on re-wording the first two paragraphs so I can highlight such themes as class transcendence early on in my post, as I think this is an interesting issue that will attract a readership. Once I have completed this, I will be able to send the finished product to Piers, who has agreed to proof-read my work this year, and hopefully I can then publish it on the website.


After receiving positive feedback from Piers, I felt confident enough to publish my work on the Writing Lives website. It took me a while to get to grips with using the hyperlinks and tags, but I’m really happy with how it looks. I also tweeted a link to my work so that hopefully I will be able to attract an online readership.


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