Julia Heath Weblog: Life and Labour

Margaret’s progression from being a fourteen year old factory girl to working as a chauffeur for the city council is fascinating, and it is a story I enjoyed re-telling in my Life and Labour post. Labour was a huge part of the lives of many working class people in the early twentieth century, and Margaret was no different. Her memoir is filled with information on the many jobs she worked during the course of her life, and because of this, I had plenty to discuss in my blog post.

I sent a copy of my finished Life and Labour post to Piers to proof-read, along with my feedback on his Home and Family post. Once published on the Writing Lives website, I then tweeted links to my blog post so that others would hopefully read my work. I also retweeted the work that has been published by other students on the module this week, as a way of promoting both their blogs, and the Writing Lives website as a whole.



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