Julia Heath Weblog: Purpose and Audience

This week I have started working on the Purpose on Audience post. I’ve found this one a bit difficult as my author does not state who she is writing for specifically. However, as her writing is concerned with issues of home life and family values, I believe that it is possible her autobiography was written for her children and grandchildren. As Margaret writes in an informal manner, and often aims direct statements towards her reader, I think it is plausible for me to conclude that she is writing for her family members, as she writes rather colloquially and does not seem to feel the need to be elaborate. However, as there is no direct statement in her autobiography to confirm who she is writing for, I will have to provide evidence to support the assumptions I make in my post.

As Margaret discusses the unhappiness of her marriage quite openly in her memoir, I was initially worried that this might conflict with my assumption of her family being her target audience. After talking about this issue with Helen in class, we discussed the possibility that as Margaret began writing her memoir towards the end of her life, talking about her difficult marriage may have not only provided her with a sense of relief, but also the opportunity to reveal the truth to her children now that they are old enough to understand.

I found writing the Purpose and Audience post a really interesting task, as it gave me the opportunity to, in a sense, bring my author to life, and think about all of these ideas that could have potentially been going through her mind. Although it is impossible to know for sure who Margaret was writing her memoir for, it is fascinating to think that hopefully once my post is published, more and more people will be able to read her story.


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