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Alice Maud Chase (1880-1968): Timeline


1777 – William Maude born in Yorkshire (Alice’s Grandfather). His parents died and he was sent to live with his highly religious aunts.

1794 – William Maude goes to Portsmouth to escape his strict aunts and seek his fortune. Seized by the Press Gang and forced to join the Navy.

1827 (Oct 4th ) – Reuben Moody born (Alice’s Father). Reuben is the youngest of nine children of William and Hannah Maude Moody’s.

1836 – Eleanor Bewsey born (would become Reuben Moody’s first wife).

1838 – Reuben Moody, aged 11, leaves school.

1854 – Reuben aged 27 marries Eleanor Bewsey. They have thirteen children in total – only four survive.

1854 – Priscilla Gamblin born (she would become Reuben Moody’s second wife and Alice’s mum).

1871 – Eleanor Bewsey dies aged thirty-five.

1873 – Priscilla (aged nineteen) and Reuben (aged forty-six) meet at a Christmas party.

1874 (June) – Priscilla and Reuben get engaged.

1874 (October 4th) – Priscilla and Reuben get married. Also Reuben’s forty-seventh birthday.

1879 – Ruby Maude Moody born (Alice’s older sister and one of nine children – only five children survive though).

1880 – Alice Maude Moody is born (one of nine children – only five children survive though).

1885 (September) – Alice (aged five), Ruby (Aged six) start school on Castle Road, Portsea. They are in the same year as Ruby was held back a year due to bad health. Only attend for six/seven weeks and catch whooping cough so have to leave. Alice does not return until she is much older.

1889 – Her stepsister Mathilda (also known as Lily) marries Robert Clark.

1889 (October) – Mathilda (Lily) and Robert Clark have a baby boy – Morris.

1893 – Mathilda (Lily) gives birth to a stillborn and dies herself during childbirth. Hits the whole family very hard.

1894 – Alice’s last year at school, now aged fourteen.

1896 – Alice starts work as a dressmaker (aged sixteen).

1899 (June 22nd) – Moody-Gamblin family move house to Gosport, her father aged seventy-two, is starting his business up again. They move to: Parry Villa, 4 Forton Road. (Day after her nineteenth birthday).

1902 – Aged twenty-two Alice gets engaged to James Chase.

1904 (July 16th) – Ruby Maude Moody and David Hucker get married.

1904 – Alice sacked from her current job in Gosport.

1905 (July 29th) – Alice and James get married at St. John’s Forton church.

1905 (November 29th) – Alice is baptised at St. John’s Forton by Canon Stephenson (also married Alice and James).

1905 (December 4th) – Alice is confirmed at St. Mark’s of North End, Portsmouth, by the Bishop of Southampton, Dr MacArthur.

1906 – Alice and James have their first child – May.

1908 – Alice and James have their second child – James.

1909 – Alice and James have their final child – Christine.

1911 – Alice joins the ‘Mothers Union’ at the family’s new church – St. Mary’s and St. Faith’s, Alverstoke, Gosport.

1914 (Aug 14th) – World War I breaks out and James Chase is called up for the Army – Sixth Hants.

1914 (October 9th) – He sails to India.

1918 (November 18th) – James returns home after four years and four months at war.

1920 (July 10th) – Alice, James and children emigrate to Malta – but only last two years before returning due to Alice being ill.

1922 – Alice and children return from Malta.

1923 – James returns from Malta after completing his service in the Army there.


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