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Arthur Gill (b.1887): Researching Writing Lives

I have learned a great deal from the writing lives project and from my positive warm Author himself. Reading and researching about Arthur Gill has opened one’s eyes to a different kind of writing, one that bares no airs or graces.  Arthur’s simplistic style hold on to ideals and lets the reader glimpse a real working class hero.

Gill’s writing is wholesome, although sometimes quite removed from the pain and adversities he faced, and there were many.  Gill always gripped the reader.

fading time

Through this project the reader got the opportunity to relive Arthur’s life through his memoir, his steps retraced. Allowing me, the reader, to get a glimpse into Arthur’s life through his eyes, which was an incredibly unique and insightful experience. It is vital that we capture these moments, and preserve them for many generations to come. To make Gill’s memoirs accessible to anyone and everyone who may seek to read them. Bringing his life and writings to the fore, Arthur Gill was certainly a working class hero, his life made up of many trials, which he overcame.

Arthur is a figure which one was very proud to write about, a tru inspiration. Arthur’s life was ruled by the needs of others, his family and his country, and yet he still made it a great one, full of joy, love and happiness.

Blogging was not something the reader had done before, so the prospect was very exciting. Researching and blogging has taught me a wealth of knowledge, leaving the reader in good stead for future blogging.

What the reader will take away from this project is how people’s lives differ so dramatically, how times change and how society, class, religion and politics can influence our choices. Like Arthur stated;

“We ourselves change as time goes by – let us hope for the better.”

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