Jean Court, born c. 1923: Biographical Entry – Writing Lives

Jean Court, born c. 1923: Biographical Entry

2:188 COURT, Jean, ‘Living in the Lane’, TS, pp.11 (c.10,000 words). Brunel University Library.

Born c.1923. One of 2 daughters of an itinerant actor, jack-of-all-trades, painter and decorator. Family emigrated to Canada when author still an infant, but mother and her two daughters returned in 1927 following the death of her husband. Educated at St. Michael’s Church School and an Open Air School for delicate children. Lived in Bristol from 1927.

No details of occupations.

No details of interests or activities.

Recollections of the period 1927-34, ‘the most important years of my life’, with memories of the home; children’s games; domestic chores; the cinema; Christmas celebrations; illnesses; schooling and punishments.

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