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Researching Writing Lives

In reflecting on this process, I have just a few thoughts. I have had some experience blogging before from previous modules at University and therefore undertaking this challenge was made slightly easier by that. The project has allowed me to work on and practice some of the skills I already had already begun to establish from the previous attempts. Though I have blogged before I have never taken part in such a large research collaboration and it was interesting to see how so many different people can work on the same project from so many different angles. From the process I learned a lot about British History. About stonemasons, Masonry, about how people went about finding this kind of work and even about things such as the General Strike and how it affected Britain.

I found the use of social media to be highly important to the module, allowing people to share their work, ideas and even reach out and help other people. Twitter has been by far the most used of the social medias and its quick and easy format really suits this kind of project.

From the project I have taken away a greater understanding of the influential position the blogger is in, how they can use social media to their advantage and the ways in which the working class memoir can give us a picture of a working class Britain from a perspective we might not have seen before.

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