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Introducing Our Authors

Memoirs from explored in our Author Blogs. Number in [ ] is to volume and number of entry in John Burnett, David Mayall and David Vincent (eds) The Autobiography of the Working Class: An Annotated, Critical Bibliography 3 Vols. (Brighton: Harvester, 1984, 1987, 1989).


William Belcher (b. 1884), Untitled, [1.53], ed. by Shaun Barry.

Mary Bradbury (b. circa 1900), My End is My Beginning, [2:871], ed. by Jonny O’Sullivan.

John Britton (b. 1771), ‘The Autobiography of John Britton’, [1:86], ed. by Julius Ward.

Florence Anne Cooter (b. 1912), Seventh Child, [3:181], ed. by Amy Rees.

Norah Elliot (b. 1903), Untitled, [2:242]. ed. by Emily Richardson.

Walter John Eugene Elliott (b. 1890), Untitled, [1:227], ed. by Hannah Nicholls.

Harold Heslop (b. 1898), From Tyne to Tone. A Journey, [3:75], ed. by Tracey Hughes.

Mary Howitt (b. 1888), Untitled, [1:355], ed. by Alice Coughlan.

Edward S. Humphries (b. 1889), Childhood. An Autobiography of a Boy from 1889-1906, [1:361], ed. by Ben Chance.

Jack William Jones (b. 1900), Untitled, [2:443], ed. by Kimberley Buchanan.

Joe Loftus (b. 1914), Lee Side, [2:484], ed. by Jennifer Wilkinson.

Richard W. Morris (b. 1895), ‘Autobiography of R. W. Morris’, [1:520], ed. by Lynne Wainwright.

Mrs W. E. Palmer (b. 1908), Memories of Long Ago, [2:582], ed. by Jessica Rimmer.

Eva Shilton (b. 1907), ‘School and Family Life in Coventry, 1913-1921’, [2:706], ed. by Robin Buckley.

John Shinn (b. 1837), ‘A Sketch of My Life and Times’, [1:622], ed. by Ann-Marie Flanagan.

Jack Vallance (b. 1914), Untitled, [2:780] ed. by Olivia D’Angelo.

Percy Vere (b. 1913), The Autobiography of a Working Man, [2:783], ed. by Jessica White.


Henrietta Burkin (b. 1904), ‘Memoirs of Henrietta Burkin’, [2:118], ed. by Melissa Slater

Edward Caine (b. 1891), ‘Memories’, [1:119], ed. by Alexandra Drake

Maud Clarke (b. 1887), ‘Untitled’, [1:156], ed. by Eleanor Shaw

Mary Davies (b. 1889), ‘Reminiscences of Aldrington Church of England School, Hove’, [2:1042], ed. by Saadiqa Salisu

Harry Dorrell (b. 1903), ‘Falling Cadence: An Autobiography of Failure’, [2:231], ed. by Abigail Riley

Stephen Forsdick (b. 1835), ‘Untitled’, [1:242a], ed. by Portia Fahey

John Gibson, ‘Untitled’, [3:232], ed. by Sean MacGregor

Isaac Gordon (b. 1979), Going Where the Work is’, [2:327],  ed. by Rachel Hodgson

Frank Goss (b. 1896), ‘My Boyhood at the Turn of the Century’, [2:331], ed. by Beth Ralphs

Adeline Hodges (b. 1899), ‘I Remember’, [2:411], ed. by Katie Wilkinson

Mary Hollinrake (b. 1912), ‘Lancashire Lass’, [2:413], ed. by Holly Shea

Anita Elizabeth Hughes (b. 1892), ‘Untitled’, [1:357], ed. by Lauren Williams

Doris Hunt (b. 1900), ‘Untitled’, [2:428], ed. by Lora Jones

Eleanor Hutchinson (b. 1915), ‘The Bells of St Marys’, [2:429], ed. by Catriona Parkinson

Jim Ingram (b. 1987), ‘A Wartime Childhood’, [2:430], ed. by Lucy Murray

Alfred Ireson (b. 1856), ‘Reminiscences’, [1:371], ed. by Lydia Hampson-Delamere

Arthur P. Jacobs (b. 1907), ‘Just Take a Look at These!’, [2:431], ed. by Sarah Calligan

Jack Lanigan (b. 1890), ‘Thy Kingdom did Come’, [1:421], ed. by Laura Shillcock

Emmanuel Lovekin, ‘Some Notes of my Life’, [1:452], ed. by Sarah Noble

Albert Mansbridge (b. 1876), ‘The Trodden Road’ ed. by Andreas Theodorou

Samuel Mountford (b. 1907), ‘A Memoir’, [2:544], ed. by Sean Ridge

May Owen (b. 1896), ‘Autobiographical Letter’, [2:576], ed. by Mieke Armstrong

Florence Powell, ‘An Orphanage in the Thirties’, [2:931], ed. by Jessica Grini

Elizabeth Rignall, (b. 1894), ‘All So Long Ago’, [1:586], ed. by Soraya Nas

May A. M. Rainer, (b. 1909), ‘Emma’s Daughter’, [2:644], ed. by Sian Pritchard

Winifred Relph (b. 1912), ‘Through Rough Ways’, [2:657], ed. by Lucy Murray

Louise Shore (b. 1897), ‘Pure Running: A Life Story’, [2:707], Rachel Larby

Ernest Richard Shotton (b. 1878), ‘A Personal History and Memoirs of Ernest Richard Shotton’, [1:627], ed. by Hannah Spellacy

Joseph Terry (b. 1816), ‘Recollections of my Life’, [1:693], ed. by Nadia Eliza Kastrzewski

Averil Edith Thomas, ‘Untitled’, [1:892], ed. by Laura Kearns

Winifred Till (b. 1896), ‘The Early Years if a Victorian Grandmother’, [2:763], ed. by Victoria Graham

Thomas Waddicor (b. 1906), ‘Memories of Hightown and Beyond’, [2:787], ed. By Natasha Ahmend.

Bessie Wallis (b. 1904), ‘Yesterday’, [2:796], ed. by Rachel Hodgson

William ‘Willie’ Webb (b. 1830), ‘Reminiscences of an Ordinary Life’, [1:739], ed. by Andrew Stevens-Davies

Lillian Westall (b. 1893), ‘The Good Old Days’, [1:746], ed. by Rebekah Wilson



Nora Isabel Adnams (b. 1901), ‘My Memories of Dr. Barnado’s Home’ [2:859], ed. by Bethany Lacey

James Ashley (b. 1833), ‘Untitled’, [1:24], ed. Alex Difusco

Rosa Bell (b. 1902), ‘R.M.: Remembers’, [2:59], ed. by Olivia .R. Smithies

Minnie Frisby (b. 1877), ‘Memories’, [1:250], ed. by Billie-Gina Thomason

George Gregory (b. 1888), ‘Untitled’, [1:283] ed. by M. Birchall

H.J. Harris (b. 1903), ‘Autobiographical Letters, 1978-1984’, [2:363], ed. by Julie Blaney

Alexander Howison (b. 1795), ‘Autobiography of Alexander Howison’, [1:354], ed. by Nicki Sayer

Thomas Jordan (b. 1892), ‘Untitled’, [1:405] ed. by Kiera Sayers

George Rowles (b. 1884), ‘Chaps among the Caps’ [1:600] ed. by Chris Neale

Wihelmina Tobias (b. 1904), ‘Childhood Memories’, [2:766], ed. by E. McGaffrey

Mary Turner (b. 1921), ‘Untitled’, [2:777], ed. by Jade Barber

Wally Ward (b. 1914), ‘Fit For Anything’, [2:798] ed. by Jade O’Leary

Margaret Watson (b. 1907), ‘Untitled’, [2:802], ed. by Julia Heath



Joseph H. Armitage (b. 1908), ‘The Twenty Three Years, Or the Late Way of Life- And of Living. By “The Exile”’, [2:15], ed. by Hannah Lee

Violet Austin (b. 1910), ‘Untitled’, [2:22], ed. by Megan Williamson

Joe Ayre (b. 1910), ‘The Socialist’, [2:29], ed. by Becky Corkill

Edward Balne (b. 1895), ‘Autobiography of ex-Workhouse and Poor Law School Boy’, [1:37], ed. by Natalie Parsons

Reg Beeston (b. 1905), ‘Some of my Memories of and About Uley Until About 1930’, [2:56], ed. by Rebekah White

Kathleen Betterton (b. 1913), ‘White Pinnies, Black Aprons…’, [3:9], ed. by Tereza Louise Kirwan

Edna Bold (b. 1904), ‘The Long and Short of it. Being the Recollections and Reminiscences of Edna Bold’, [2:85], ed. by Hayley Delahunt

Norah Brain (b. 1907), ‘Unititled’, [2:871], ed. by Amy Beaumont

Verbena Daphne Brighton (b. 1915), ‘Nuts in May: Memories of Care-Free Days’, [2:104], ed. by Sophie Lucy

Phyllis L. Buss (1897), ‘A Driver Became A. Buss’, [2:124], ed. by Katie Coleman

John Castle (b. 1819), ‘The Diary of John Castle’, [1:134], ed. by Fergus Walsh

Arthur T. Collinson (b. 1893), ‘One way only: an autobiography of an old-time trade unionist’, [3:30], ed. by Matthew Smith

Alice Maud Chase (b. 1880), ‘The Memoirs of Alice Maud Chase’, [1:141], ed. by Philippa Worthington

Agnes Cowper (b. 1874), ‘A Backward glance on Merseyside’, [1:0181], ed. by Megan Whitehead

Daisy Cowper (b. 1890), ‘De Nobis’, [1:182], ed. by Ellena Parsons

Leonard Ellisdon (b. 1885), ‘Starting from Victoria’, [1:229], ed. by Jennifer Upton

Hymie Fagan (b. 1903), ‘An Autobiography’, [2:261], ed. by Megan Ainsworth

Thomas R. Flintoff (b. 1904), ‘Friday the Thirteenth of May, [2:283], ed. by Joshua Gardener

Arthur Gill (b. 1887), ‘‘I Remember.’ Reminiscences of a Cobblers son’, [1:268], ed. by Rosemary O-Reilly

Ellen Gill (b. 1888), ‘Ellen Gill’s Diary’, [1:269] ed. by Naomi Farren

Harold Gill (b. 1919), ‘Untitled’, [2:316], ed. by Alexandra Meadwell

Olive Doris Gold (b. 1897), ‘My Life’, [2:321], ed. by Marcus Monroe

Jack Goring (b. 1861), ‘Untitled’, [1:247], ed. by Victoria Hoffman

Charles L. Hansford (b. 1902), ‘Memoirs of a Bricklayer’, [2:360], ed. by Yasmin Clayson

Katherine Henderson (b. 1908), ‘Had I But known’, [2:384], ed. by Victoria Porter

Kathleen Hilton-Foord (b. 1903), ‘Grannie’s Girl’, [2:398], ed. by Melissa Fletcher

George Clifton Hughes (b. 1911), ‘Shut the Mountain Gate’, [2:426], ed. by Rhys Williams

Molly Keen, (b. 1903), ‘Childhood Memories’, [2:449], ed. by Sharon Riddell

Emily Gertrude Lea (b. 1902), ‘Reflections in the setting sun, or “I remember” after fifty years commencing 1902’ [2:469], ed. by Rebecca Smith

Lottie Martin (b. 1899), ‘My Life as I Remember it 1899-1920’, [2:37], ed. by John England

James H. Mckenzie (b. 1862), ‘Strange Truth. The Autobiography of a Circus, Showman, Stage & Exhibition Man’, [1:473], ed. by Tawny Whitfield

Charlotte Dorothy Meadowcroft (b. 1901), ‘Bygones’, [2:523] ed. by Brett Janes

Syd Metcalfe (b. 1910), ‘One Speck of Humanity’, [2:526], ed. by Steve Clark

Louie Emmeline Ould (b. 1907), ‘Childhood’, [2:574], ed. by Rachel Kemp

Margaret Perry (b. 1922), ‘Untitled’, [2:606], ed. by Maria Stebbing

Alice Pidgeon (b. 1898), ‘Looking over my shoulder to childhood days and after’, [2:619], ed. by Alyson Mulvane

E. Robinson (b. 1894), ‘I Remember’, [1:593], ed. by Joshua Westerman

Leslie John Robinson (b. 1929), ‘One Step At A Time: The Life and Times of “Robbie”’, [2:671], ed. by Andrew Brennan

Jessie Ravenna Sharman (b. 1892), ‘Recollections of Jessie Ravenna Sharman’, [1:618], ed. by Kamini Patel

Stanley Rice (b. 1905), ‘The Memories of a Rolling Stone: Times and Incidents Remembered’, [2:661], ed. by Rebecca Fortune

Mary Stewart (b. 1909), ‘Untitled’, [2:741], ed. by Aislinn Gregg

Margaret Watson (b. 1907), ‘Untitled’, [2:802], ed. by Julia Heath

Harry Alfred West (b. 1880), ‘Autobiography of Harry Alfred West. Facts and Comment’, [1:745], ed. by Cleo Chalk

Fred Worrall (b. 1890), ‘Untitled’, [1:774], ed. by Matthew Newton

Harry Young (b. 1901), ‘Harry’s Biography’, [2:858], ed. by Amanda Fee



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