Annie Ford, born 1920, Biographical entry

2:291 FORD, Annie, Untitled, TS, pp.7 (c.2,000 words). Brunel University Library.   Born 1920 in the Collyhurst district of Manchester. Father, a foreman cabinet-maker, was forced to retire early (when author aged only 2) because of neurasthenia. Mother took in washing and worked in a confectionery shop. Youngest of 5 children. Educated at Willert Street Nursery School; Collyhurst Tin School (2 years); Smedley Road School (to age 14). Married.   No mention of employments.   No details of interests or activities.   Childhood memories of the Collyhurst district of Manchester; the home; diet; domestic chores; dress; games; customs; schooling.

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