Florence Anne Cooter (1912-2004): Biographical entry

181 COOTER, Florence Anne, ‘Seventh Child’, MS, pp.71 (c.71,000 words). Brunel University Library.

Born Aug 1912 in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. Father worked as blacksmith and general farrier, later as a publican. 7th of 10 children (3 of whom died in infancy) of a 7th child. Educated at Bonner Hill School (to age 14). Married, 1938, with 2 sons. Moved to Norbiton, Surrey, in early 1920s and later lived in Hampton and Stoneleigh.

Book-keeper in stores department of a motor accessories firm (1926); nurse-maid (1926); suffered a breakdown and worked for a local doctor after her recovery; gardener at Hampton Court Palace (during World War II).

Interested in animals and natural history.

An intimate story of family and married life with full details of her parents, husband and children.

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