Annie Ford (1920 Onwards): Home and Family (Part 2)

Annie’s memoir focuses family life throughout her childhood rather than throughout her adult life. This is significant as the purpose of the memoir is to portray Annie’s childhood, growing up in the working class area of Collyhurst. Annie describes both the good and the bad of her home and family life throughout her childhood.

Annie’s father does not appear to be involved in domestic work around the house. Her father does appear to be partially involved in the upbringing of Annie as a child. Annie’s father was mentioned completing handy man tasks “Father cut off the wheels and arms and made a chair of it” (p3). Annie’s father had a good job earning a decent wage for the household but it is Annie’s mother who is seen to raise Annie and spend most of her childhood time with her. Annie’s mother took on the role of the breadwinner in the household and “worked for the confectionery shop on the Balmoral row” (p4).

Family life and the express of love is present in Annie’s childhood. Annie remembers “we did get a treat, Friday nights’ tea was always cream cakes, how we did love them” (p4). Fond memories and nostalgia of Annie’s home life and weekly traditions signify her gratitude towards her family life.

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Confectionery Restaurant Shop

Annie expresses a sense of loss through the relationship of her father. Although her father lived until 86 years age, he was not as involved in as much family life as her mother was. Annie says “I only remember going on holiday once with my father. It was at Marton, where we stayed for the week” (p7). A sense of sadness is shown as Annie recollects “My father never went away again” (p7) and this was most likely due to his neuresthenia illness he developed when Annie were only two years of age.

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Couple embracing on the beach, 1920


‘Mrs Annie Ford (Born 1920)’, unpublished memoir, 2:291, Burnett Collection of Working Class Autobiography, Special Collections Library, Brunel University. 2:291 FORD, Annie, Untitled, TS, pp.7 (c.2,000 words). Brunel University Library.

Couple embracing on beach, 1920

Confectionery Restaurateur

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