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Bolton Worktown: Photography and Archives from the Mass Observation Fascinating material on everyday life in the 1930s and 1940s

Demon Drink

A website by Annemarie McAllister on the temperance movement and its attractions, especially for working people
2000 years of Londoners and East London life

The Great Diary Project
Quirky entries and stories from over 2000 diaries

History on the Dole
Social and labour history in South Wales by Daryl Leeworthy

Blog by Tim Hitchcock on history from below, Digital Humanities and ‘Big Data’

History Workshop Online Radical history and history below. Online blog of History Workshop Journal

Joe Moran’s Blog on the Everyday, the Banal, and other Important Matters
Joe Moran often draws on diaries, memoirs and reminiscences in his eye-opening observations on the everyday

Journal of Victorian Culture Online Popular and scholarly coverage of Victorian culture in 19th century and today

Living in the Past A Community Archeology Project

The Local Press as Poetry Publisher 1800-1900
Andrew Hobbs and Claire Januszewski reveal the wealth of poetry by ‘ordinary’ poets in local newspapers

Observing the 80s
Voices from the 1980s, Mass Observation and oral history

Manchester’s Radical History
Luddites, Chartists, Socialists, Feminists, Peace Campaigners and more

Municipal Dreams Superb research blog on efforts to improve housing and communities of ordinary people in late 19th and 20th centuries

Scottish Women Poets
Research blog by students at University of Victoria which includes some working-class poets, e.g. Janet Hamilton and Ellen Johnston

Socks for the Boys!

Blog by Alison Twells on life-writing and ‘storying’ the diaries written by her aunt, Norah Hodgkinson, between 1938 and 2009

Spitalfields Life Fascinating blog on life in the East End, past and present

Unlocking Ideas Worth Fighting For Stories from the archives of the Working Class Movements Library & the People’s History Museum

Untold Lives: Sharing Stories from the Past
People’s stories from around the world

Victorian Domestic Dangers

Vicky Holmes’s blog on dangers of working-class homes

Victorian London
Lee Jackson’s veritable compendium of life in London

Voices of Postwar England: An Oral History of the Working Class
Listen to people from Coventry and Liverpool talking about working-class lives after 1945, interviewed by Selina Todd and Hilary Young

Wayward Women
Lucy Williams tracks down Victorian Liverpool’s female offenders, in and out of gaol.

The Workhouse. Story of an Institution
The starting point for any research on the workhouse – Peter Higginbotham’s encyclopedic site

Workhouse Tales
Moving accounts of living under the poor law, by Lesley Hulonce

WOW Writing on the Wall
Liverpool-based community organisation – poetry, journalism, fiction, history, festivals

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