George Mockford (1826-1899): Researching Writing Lives

I can not believe my time researching the life of George Mockford is over! When I first started to write about George I wasn’t sure whether I would take such an interest into the life of a minister, as I was somewhat afraid that this memoir would consist of religious ramblings and God fearing writings of an elderly man. However, I was completely surprised by how much this memoir has meant to me as I have been taken on the spiritual journey of this working class man. I have learned much about work, religion, judgement and the huge difference that a positive attitude and a negative one impact our every day lives. I hope that my blog posts on George have done him justice and allow future students to appreciate the work that he has carried out, as numerous others still do in his church today (as he still has memorials dedicated to him throughout it!)

Throughout my time on this module I have greatly appreciated being able to read the other students work as they post and compare and contrast their authors to that of George. Throughout this module social media has been a great help to interact with other students and their work, while sharing links of my work on my twitter page and allowing them to interact with mine!

Having no previous experience with blogging, I was quite nervous to publish my work publicly for the very first time. However, I have always wanted to start blogging but never quite had the nerve for it. I am so grateful to this module for exposing me to blogs as well as allowing me to figure out the technology, layouts and forms that go with it. I am extremely confident with blogging now and happy to share my work with others, I definitely will be keeping this up in the future and soon will hopefully find a topic as interesting to me as what George Mockford was.

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