Robert Ward (B. 1907): Biographical Entry

2-0797 WARD, Robert, ‘A Lancashire Childhood’, TS, pp.11 (c.5,000 words). Brunel University Library.

Born 1907. Father was in charge of the boilers and steam engine at a woollen stocking mill. 1 brother. Educated at Littleborough Central School, winning a scholarship to the Higher Grade Department of the same school. Later achieved a degree in economics. Married, with a family. Moved to Featherstall, Lancashire, in 1912, and to Stubley during World War I. Living in the Gloucestershire village of Uley in 1983.


Church organist.

Covering childhood years only, the author writes of his schooldays and discipline and remarks how the outbreak of war made little difference to his life: the daily routine was unaltered and with no member of the family in the Forces there was plenty of work with good wages. The text also includes passages on the Wakes holiday; sexual ignorance; works accidents; children’s games and leisure; chapel events (Whit Friday procession; Sunday School Anniversary; Annual Treats); the home; domestic chores and routines; transport; shops.

Available from:

Ward, Robert. ‘A Lancashire Childhood’. Burnett Archive of Working Class Autobiographies. Special Collections. 2:0797.

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