Verbena Daphne Brighton (B. 1915) Life & Labour

In her memoir, Brighton explains that her father had ponies and works with his horse and cart. In her chapter ‘Father’s ponies’ she describes the ponies that her father had owned in which she could remember, Fanny and Old Tom. Owning horses would be common within the middle- class, but not amongst the working-class. However, Brighton explains that he used his horses for labour to pull his cart.

There was a tradition division of labour in Brighton’s family. Her father, very traditionally went out to work to support his wife and children and her mother looked after the home. Brighton’s father must have earned sufficient money to support his large family single handed.

Pictured: Brighton's father in his cart with his horse Fanny.
Pictured: Brighton’s father in his cart with his horse Fanny.

Pictures: Brighton, Verbena Nuts ‘n May (Brighton: Norfolk) 1990

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